Sewing Machine Care

Your sewing machine is an investment, so it is important to take care of it.

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Change the needle regularly

This really is a top tip. It is important to keep the needle on your machine fresh to avoid skipped stitched, looped threads or fabric pulls. In an ideal world, change you needle after every completed project. Also, remember to use the correct type of needle for the fabric you are sewing with.

Keep Your Machine Covered

Sewing machines don’t like dust. Keep your machine covered with a dust cover or hard cover when not in use.

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Service Your Machine

Aim to have your machine serviced once a year.

Read the instructions!

Might sound like a silly one, but read the instructions. You will most likely find your machine can do lots of things that you didn’t know it could!

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Oil your machine

From time to time your machine will need oil. Your machine will make a soft humming sound, you will get to know the ‘right’ sound for your machine. If you machine becomes to noisy or is rattling it could be because it needs a little oil.

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